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Design, Develop, Deliver is not only a slogan, it is my philosophy regarding Software Development.

Designing successful and scaleable solutions starts with good system design - how many classes, how do they relate to one another, how much decoupling will the system require. Interfaces and inheritance are the primary tools for going beyond basic class design into the realm of system design.

Development of software, to me, means: Success is achieved when the result is working code that meets all the business objectives.

Delivering software on time is a matter of integrity. Follow through, actions need to be consistent with your word. Customers working with you want to be sure of your commitment.

13 years 3D Components

On January 1st 2018 3D Components celebrates its 13th year anniversary as a provider of innovative software development and consulting services.

This has been a very exciting time for my company. During the last 13 years I had the pleasure to work with distributed teams to develop solutions utilized or exclusivly used by companies like IBM, Microsoft, Seagate, Telerik and many more.

Having been an employee in a distributed team for 16 years, founding 3D Components was the next logical step to me to broaden my horizon.

Because of cutting my teeth developing software for the flat glass industry for so many years I still have a weak spot for Computer Aided Planning (CAP), Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and Business-to-business (B2B) solutions for this field.

Thank you to my business partners for placing their trust in
3D Components and the services I provide.

I look forward to continue working with your teams on innovative existing and new solutions for many years to come.


All projects I am involved in at the moment are either under NDA or not ready for disclosure. Therefore this news section will not get updated frequently.


On January 1st 2015
3D Components celebrates its 10th year anniversary as a provider of innovative software development and consulting services.