Highly skilled Software Development Engineer with more than 20 years experience in Design and Development of Software.

Outstanding technical, troubleshooting and problem solving abilities. Learns new skills quickly and easily, enjoys new challenges. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Works and communicates well with others, team player that takes initiative, self-starter. Innovative and creative, with ability to plan, implement and follow through. Extremely detail oriented.

I may be available to work on your project. I am always interested in hearing about creative opportunities. I provide freelance software development. I provide these service from my office in Bad Groenenbach, Bavaria, Germany keeping traveling below 5% of my time. If you have an opportunity that you think would interest me, please review my work history and contact me to check my availability.

Values and Culture

Developing software is more than a job to me. Working in a team day by day and solving the problems we face together is a way of life and a reflection of who we are as individuals.

Here are my personal values:

Integrity. Commitment to doing what I say I will do - keeping my actions consistent with my word. Never trying to be something I am not.

Learning. The opportunity to learn and apply the latest technologies is paramount. A need for deeper understanding of technologies combined with my natural curiosity and passion for continuous learning are engaged and supported in all that I pursue. Sharing this knowledge in a team environment comes naturally.

Adaptability. The ability to stay the course when appropriate, but to change quickly and effectively when necessary, enables me to tackle and conquer difficult challenges.

Intellectual honesty. Being self assured I am able to clearly state my present knowledge, assess when there is a need to learn and will seek assistance when necessary.

Humour. Social, intellectual and emotional benefits are realized when maintaining a good sense of humour.

Collaboration. Collaboration is paramount and the best idea wins. There is no limit to what can be achieved if one avoids worrying about who will be awarded the credit.


All projects I am involved in at the moment are either under NDA or not ready for disclosure. Therefore this news section will not get updated frequently.


On January 1st 2015
3D Components celebrates its 10th year anniversary as a provider of innovative software development and consulting services.